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Enjoy the eye-opening story on the delicate situations of couples in marriages.

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA – 5th January 2018 – Marriage is very complex, a lot of people get married with so much love and happiness yet end up cheating in the course of a marriage, Chris Dawson’s book “The Unexpected” is a classic example of this.

This wonderful book tells us that it is clear that most women marry for love and may still love their husband but for a variety of reasons she finds herself unexpectedly seduced or otherwise seeks sexual gratification or stimulation from other than the man she married.  The reasons a wife chooses to start an affair or is seduced into an affair are many, varied and may surprise all who have either been curious or who have lived this experience.  For sure, do not discount the frequency of this phenomena. The objective of the author is to inform and open the eyes to the reality of life as a couple in a very competitive world.

This book is filled with a lot of imaginative illustrations written in well-structured and simple English. It is guaranteed to wow its readers and keep them on the edge of their seats in agitation as they pace through from page to page.

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Hollywood Book Review

The Unexpected: Wives who Have Affairs and the Husbands Who Love Them is both provocative and thought-provoking. Here, we have a group of stories in which wives engage in multiple affairs and are “unexpectedly” enthusiastically supported by their husbands. While it seems as if this is an odd niche group, Dawson suggests this is more common than one would think. In fact, he argues, in many instances, this can strengthen the marriage. Aside from this debatable argument, the author succeeds in tapping into the formulae of sexual liaisons with the twist that it is the female rather than the male who is patted on the back for sexual promiscuity.

In each scenario, a woman decides, is seduced, or is initially pressured into an extramarital affair. She is conflicted with feelings of guilt and excitement; in each case, excitement wins out. The author describes each story in sensual detail as any effective brand of erotica should. The wife’s feelings of guilt and secrecy with these affairs parallel a kind of heightening to a climax. Cleverly done, in each story, the husband inevitably accepts his wife’s new promiscuous life wholeheartedly. This acceptance strengthens the marriage and spices up the married couple’s sex life, resulting in another (pun intended) climax in the evolution of their relationship.

In one story, a woman is seduced by her boss. In another, told from the husband’s perspective, he develops a fetish for voyeurism and encourages his wife to have more encounters. Yet in another story, a woman realizes her desire to be dominated. While the urges are diverse, what each example has in common is that the husband can’t get enough of it. It is an interesting twist in an old double standard. Traditionally, although affairs are socially discouraged, men seem to have been given a pass on them because they have some natural urge to sleep around. This book argues that women have this urge much more than men. It is not to say that women should be given a pass, the author argues. Rather, it is natural for them to indulge.

The Unexpected: Wives who Have Affairs and the Husbands Who Love Them is formulaic and decently written descriptive sexual fantasies along with the “unexpected” twist the husband is totally on board. Is the author, Chris Dawson, correct in the underlying social arguments that monogamy is counter-intuitive (mainly for women) and inherently selfish? Most of these stories show women breaking free and realizing their sexual potential. But one or two seem like men agreeing to share women in a kind of patriarchy club. In one instance, the woman is pressured into her initial affair and the wake of the #metoo movement, the “realizing her sexual potential” argument is sketchy. Much is sociological food for thought, but for the most part, these seem like consensual fantasies and therefore not applicable to that social context. The book concludes with an epilogue and a guide to the cuckold relationship – if you dare.


Blue Ink Book Review

The new novel about wives’ extramarital affairs to get Blue Ink book review Author Chris Dawson launches the book, titled ‘The Unexpected – Wives Who Have Affairs and the Husbands Who Love Them” Book has 9 stories and an epilogue of 2 papers in close to 400 pages.

CINCINNATI – First-time book author Chris Dawson makes a stunning debut into the publishing world with a stunning back-to-back erotic fiction, titled “The Unexpected – Wives Who Have Affairs” For his recording of controversial and intriguing tales, he taps Blue Ink Book Review for a professional objective opinion.

This book, The Unexpected, boasts of extramarital romance stories in marriages that work. It shares nine different stories about women who have affairs and the husbands who love them. While the first story gives a hint that the events took place in Montreal, due to the woman’s proficiency in the French language while those wanting to seduce her did not know the fact. The other stories have no particular locations except “anywhere” the reader wishes.

Dawson’s intriguing tales come from a combination of personal experience, experiences revealed to him in his professional life, and from a creative mind filled with ideas and stories that need to be told. While extramarital affairs are not uncommon, married women who explore their sexuality with husbands’ approval are still unusual and taboo, but which Dawson claims are true for a surprisingly large number of working ladies in society.



An excerpt from “The Unexpected”:

Now I know that you are also the sexiest of all, he said. I told him that, “I did not know that as he was the first man I had sex with outside of my marriage and my husband must never know of this indiscretion”. I remember as I said this to him that I knew that as guilty as I felt that I would have to somehow tell my husband, as a marriage based on trust was how we were. 



Critically balancing a message that is clearly erotic in nature without disrespecting anyone, “The Unexpected – Wives Who Have Affairs…” accomplishes a rare juggling feat that few similar works could claim. Dawson has imaginatively penned work that will appeal to a specific niche – ladies who have had or wonder about having an affair, as well as husbands who know, suspect or want their wife to experience an affair.

After all his tales, Dawson’s message is still one that many – if not all – couples can resonate with: “That one marries for love and companionship and that ‘communication’ is the glue that keeps a marriage together even under unusual circumstances such as the wife having an outside affair.” 


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