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"The Unexpected" is a book of nine stories about who have unexpected affairs. In addition there are two writings. His “Guide to a Cuckold Relationship” was written primarily for guys who are interested in this lifestyle option and "Why Wives Have Affairs" goes over many of the reasons for why this phenomena is on the upswing. These are of the few that would not be considered an ‘erotic romance story’ about the many “Wives who have Affairs and the Husbands Who Love Them”​.

Perhaps most interestingly is the "white Paper" based upon what he has heard from a variety of sources entitled "Why Wives Have Affairs", which is an account of more than a dozen of the reasons a wife will stray outside of her marriage and have a sexual affair with a man or in some cases, a woman. It is clear that most women marry for love and may still love their husband but for a variety of reasons she finds herself seduced or otherwise seeks sexual gratification or stimulation from other than the man she married. The reasons a wife chooses to start and affair or is seduced into an affair are many, varied and may surprise all who have either been curious or who have lived this experience. For sure, do not discount the frequency of this phenomena.

The reasons were many and out of this background, his scientific and actively fertile mind started writing fiction with bits and pieces of real life fact in the background.​

Chris Dawson


Chris Dawson has been a writer of various subjects for more than 30 years.

Due to some advanced education and training in the psychological field he became aware of a large number of ladies who for one reason or another sought adventure, extra romance, or for many other reasons, stimulation outside of their marriages.

He also saw many husbands who had wives who they knew, feared, or suspected of having affairs. Out of this group, he saw some who even wanted their wives to have affairs.

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